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Print-on-Demand with BookPOD

University of Toronto Bookstore's print-on-demand service, aptly called BookPOD, will print library-quality paperbacks in minutes.

There are three options with BookPOD:

  1. Search our database of over 4 million titles that are always in stock. Rare books, out of print books, and much more. Search Now and order online.
  2. Search the University of Toronto Libraries database either here or on their website.
  3. Self-publish your own book, poetry, course notes, reports, recipes, doodles or whatever you want. You can print one copy at a time. The only limit is your imagination.

Print-on-Demand Pricing:

Depending on what you are printing on demand the costs are relatively low. For the University of Toronto Library titles we are only charging for the actual printing of the books, but for some of the copyrighted books we must pay royalties to the publishers, so the charges are not a set per page fee, but are set by the content providers. BookPOD's database is organized so the University of Toronto Libraries results are listed higher than the others for cost effectiveness for students, staff, faculty and the general public.

What is Print-on-Demand?

BookPOD, the print-on-demand machine, is designed to print books when you want them. With over 4 million titles in the online database, it is an environmentally friendly way to get you the books you want without wasting resources with books that don't get sold. BookPOD also allows rare books that may never see another print run to never be forgotten and allows people to print short runs of their own books.

Self-Publishing: One Copy at a Time

Print your own novel or poetry or whatever your creativity you want printed in paperback format. You can print one copy or unlimited copies. The minimum number of pages is 60 and the maximum is 750. To get started printing your own book please see our BookPOD Print-on-Demand: Self-Publish section of this website to find out how to format your book and to read other self-publishing frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The University of Toronto Library Partnership

The University of Toronto Libraries partnered with The University of Toronto Bookstore to print its non-copyrighted material from the libraries database. You can search our database for library titles or you can order directly from the University of Toronto Library websites when you see the icon for "Print Now." Your book should be ready in 2-3 business days and you can pick-up or you can have it delivered to you.